Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Few More Days Before Runoff

We have had a nice long run of excellent spring fishing this year on the Arkansas.  We still have a few more days even though flows are up a little from lower level snowmelt.  The big melt is still a few days away, so we should do well through the weekend, since Mother Nature is bringing another round of snow to the high country.  I don't know what happened to Global Warming.  I suspect that this is simply springtime in the Rockies.  It's been this way for my 62 years of life......warm in the summer and cold in the winter.  The shoulder seasons are always unpredictible.  However, not being able to predict the weather or haches does not sit well with a few modern fly fishers.  In this age of I Pods, I Phones, I Pads and I Macs and I Can't, we have a bunch of folks who demand that rivers, flies and fish bend to their will.  Thank goodness, it's a very small percentage of the folks who love this sport.  I'm not really sure why a few of these people fly fish in the first place.  They don't seem to be having a good time, which is what I thought it was all about.  Perhaps I just need some time off.  I think I'll go to the river and stand around for a while.  Maybe a fish will rise or a deer will come down to drink and I will remember why I started fly fishing in the first place.  It's really never been about catching fish, It's always been about life and being a part of something greater than civilization, which doesn't impress me much any more. 

Try this big sandwich for a changeup.........

Smoked Salmon BLT with Ancho Chili Mayonnaise
This is a simple, yet beautiful sandwich that can be prepared at home with a great salad, or simply taken to the river with a bag of chips.  Either hot or cold, it is excellent fare.
A large filet of Sockeye Salmon
Salt and pepper
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Crushed Red Chili to taste
Thick sliced, pepper bacon
Iceberg Lettuce
Fresh tomato slices
Fresh Ciabatta bread
1 tablespoon of Ancho chili powder
3 tablespoons of Mayo

Rub the salmon lightly with a sprinkle of sea salt, cracked black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and crushed red chili.  Smoke the salmon filet over alder or cherry for about 1 hour until fork tender yet moist.  You might want to drizzle a little olive oil on the filet before smoking.  I often use a stovetop smoker for this, but if you’re making a lot, then fire up the big boy.  Fry 4 slices of bacon per sandwich and prepare the lettuce leaves and tomato slices (thinner the better).  Butter each side of the Ciabatta bun and lightly toast.  Mix the ancho powder and mayo and build the monster.  I like a sprinkle of salt and pepper on the tomato and I put the mayo mixture on both sides of the bread.


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