Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Spring Fishing and Good Food

Despite heavy winds for the past month, spring fishing has been tremendous.  Right now we are experiencing a smorgasboard of bugs with Golden Stones, BOW larva and emergers, Caddis Pupae and Larva and Adult BWOs and Caddis.  If you can't find something in there to make you happy, you should take up golf.  We don't have a Caddis blow up yet, but it is definitely close and no one really cares because fish production has been terriffic and dry fly fishing late in the day is very, very good with everything from an Elk Hair Caddis to a Royal Wulff.  If you want to add a good entre for lunch on the river try my Mom's fried bologna sandwich and a Lipitor as a side. (Actually a cold Dos XXs is better tasking but the cholesterol drug may be more appropriate.)
Mom’s Fried Bolony Sandwich
This sandwich is not for the weak of heart and may require a couple of Lipitor before eating, but it stills rules the campground lunch menu.
Use toasted white bread…..don’t get cute with the bread thing, stay traditional.  Lightly score the edges of a ½ inch thick piece of all meat bologna and fry it until the edges are brown in an iron skillet.  Use crisp Iceberg Lettuce, slices of fresh tomato, a slice or two of Longhorn cheddar or Tillamook cheddar, salt and pepper on the tomato, and a big dollop of mayonnaise.  A fresh jalapeno or Serrano along with a cold Dos XXs or a big glass of iced tea makes this a lunch you’ll want more than once.

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