Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where Have I Been?      

That's an excellent question.  The answer is working in the Fly Shop and fishing.  No excuses, but I am an old fart who should use this media much more and simply forgets and goes to the river instead.  My son just reminded me that If I didn't start blogging more, he was going to take down my blog from the web site.  So, here's a novel idea, maybe I'll start blogging more.  I find social media such as blogs, facebook, twitter and the like extremely interesting, but I fail to use them.  Why is that?  An old sociology professor should be able to answer that question with some degree of wisdom.  Why does a certain age group not naturally gravitate to new ideas?  My answer is..."I don't know"  I'm too old to care.  I think when we reach the last 20 possible years of our life, a genetic code kicks in that tells us what is important to our well being and our place in the social structure.  What is important to me is my friends, both of them, my son and his new wife, Molly, our dog Kvichak, single malt scotch, cold Dos XXs, and fly fishing....   That may have left out a couple of things, but it's close enough.  I find scientific research, sales demographics, and social media extremely interesting and I am excited for the future they hold.  I am not one of those angry old men who hate computers, hate anyone younger than 50 and hate the government.  I dislike the government on any given day, but I've pretty much given up hate in general.  It is a gross waste of time and never accomplishes anything positive.  And, as I said before, I simply don't have time for it.  About the only thing I hate anymore is nymph fishing.

Speaking of fishing, I have been doing some.  I went over to the Frying Pan last week with brother John and got skunked.  We threw up our hands, turned around in a circle three times and went to Aspen and got drunk.  I've fished that darned river for nearly 40 years and I can't remember wearing a stripe.  First time for everything.  I blame it on the Federal Government.  It's not their fault, I just blame them......seems appropriate.  The Pan was very crowded and there are probably lots of reasons I didn't catch fish, but I haven't really fished anything but dries and emergers there for the last 20 years or so and now is not the time to start.  If I had gone to the bottom with a Green Drake Nymph and a Caddis pupa, I probably would have caught fish......or at least I think so.  When I was at the Pan two weeks before that, I railed fish on big attractors for three days, so maybe I was simply paying for that. 

I have been cooking a lot, so here's one of my newest recipes.  This is a green chile salsa that has really good feedback.  There's lots of warm afternoons on the deck left in 2012, so try this one out.  I think you'll like it.

Green Chile Salsa

This is a great summer salsa recipe for all us chile heads.  Try it on your chorizo omelet.

1 lb. chopped green chilies                                                            1 bunch of chopped cilantro

1 chopped white onion                                                                   1 tablespoon cumin

4 cloves minced garlic                                                                   salt and pepper to taste

2 chopped  jalapenos                                                                     

3 tomatoes, seeded and diced

You can serve this chunky like a pico or run it through a food processor for a finer texture.  Either way is great.

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