Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome to Food and Fly Fishing

This new blog will encompass both my passions.....fly fishing and cooking, not necessarily in that order.  I've been fly fishing since I was 10 and cooking since about the same age.  I was raised on a farm in Texas and my Mother was the best cook I have ever met.  Her food was Southern with a definite Southwestern flair.  I still struggle making my chili taste like hers.  I grew up eating our own beef, chickens, eggs and vegetables.  I still prefer fresh, organic foods if I can find them and if I can't I make the stuff the best way possible.  Fly Fishing is a pure sport to me.  Even though I greatly admire the younger generations urge to catch big fish and the skill with which they do it, I do not share that urge.  I like to fish cane rods with dry flies, emergers, or wets.  I will play all day with fish that move within the top one foot of the water column, but if they are on the bottom......they're yours.  I figure that with over 50 years of fly fishing under my belt, I've earned the right to fish the way I want to.  If fish are not working the top, then I wait, take photographs, and drink single malt scotch. I've been known to work the same fish for a couple of hours.  If he beats me, I move on and if I beat him, I move on.  I love rivers and I love good food.  I love to eat good food next to a beautiful river with good friends.  The tips I'll impart in this blog will help you become a better fly fisher and a better cook.  The recipes will be ones that will make everyone happy on the river or in the lodge.  I'll share fly patterns, fly fishing tips and cooking tips.  I have owned a fly shop and guided for over 20 years, so I feel competent to discuss all manners of fly fishing, not just the ones I personally like.  I hope you enjoy and participate in this project.  It's all about having fun.

Tight Lines and Tasty Spoons


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  1. Bill - I really enjoyed your presentation this past Sunday at the Fly-Fishing show in Denver. With the fishing tournament in Pueblo this weekend I'm thinking Canon City will make for a great place to be. Maybe I'll see you out on the river with a scotch in one hand and a camera in the other...or maybe you'll be fishing.